Plexomin product line

Plexomin product line

Plexomin Azelis

What are Plexomin® Chelated Minerals?
Plexomin® Zinc and Plexomin® Copper are highly bioavailable trace minerals. They are organic bis-glycinates with the metal ion bound to 2 molecules of the amino acid glycine with a very high mineral content at 29% copper and 29% Zinc.

How it works:
As amino acids are highly available, all trace elements bound by these organic building blocks show an excellent bioavailability.
The Plexomin® Zinc and Plexomin® Copper are bis-glycinates which are chelate bonds with 2 molecules of glycine and one metal ion. This forms a highly stable ring structure surrounding the metal ion protecting it against potential antagonists trying to bind with it and therefore making it more available for absorption by the animal. They can be absorbed via amino acid transporters with high delivery into the small intestine.

The products have been extensively tested globally with positive results regarding digestibility, average daily weight gain and feed conversion ratio.

    The Benefits

    • Bis-glycinates that are sulphur-free
    • Very high % organic chelated mineral at 29% Zinc and 29% Copper
    • Low cost per unit trace mineral
    • Highly stable with high delivery into the small intestine and increased bioavailability
    • Less need for overfeeding, low excretion levels and reduced environmental impact
    • Patented production with sustainable use of energy


    Plexomin Cu

    A chelated form of copper originating from copper and the amino acid glycine



    Plexomin Zn

    A chelated form of zinc originating from zinc and the amino acid glycine

    Azelis Phytobiotics

    Azelis' role
    Azelis is the distributor for Phytobiotics for this range in the UK, Ireland and Italy and we work closely together to develop strategies and solutions to meet our customer's needs in the local markets.

    This includes technical presentations and discussions with local customers, marketing, ensuring local feed legislation requirements are met and holding local stocks in order to provide a secure and stable supply chain.

    For more information on Animal Nutrition with Azelis in general, CLICK HERE.


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