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In 2008, the Azelis Group acquired Marigold International Pvt. Ltd, an Indian distributor of polymers and chemicals based in Mumbai. This represented the beginning of Azelis India and it allowed us not only to serve the local markets but also to offer European manufacturers a route to market in the Indian economy. With the acquisition of S&D Chemicals (Pharma API business) in 2011, Azelis established fully fledged operations in the country.

Since then Azelis India has expanded into other segments such as Coatings, Homecare & Industrial Cleaning, Food & Health and Personal Care, representing many global companies active in these segments.

More recently, we have strengthened our organisation by establishing a number of warehouses and application labs. We have also put in place a SHEQ team of highly knowledgeable team of regulatory professionals, in India, that cater to our regulatory needs on a global basis.

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