In 1995 Aranud Polska started up the distribution of raw materials and semi-finished products to the Chemical and Life Sciences industries. After a fruitful, long-term collaboration with HEWIS, both companies merged in 2003, thus unlocking further potential of their highly experienced technologists and specialists in chemistry. In 2011 the company was coined with the Azelis brand and established main offices in Poznán.

Today Azelis Poland is to develop optimum solutions satisfying customers' needs. It is reflected in the company's structure, which consists of specialised departments led by professional traders.

Azelis Poland’s engineers provide customers with technical support, commercial and logistics services and monitor consumer trends on the Polish market. The goal of Azelis Poland is not only to support customers with professional services, but also to provide original solutions designed in our laboratories, to make our customers’ products as competitive as possible.

Warehousing facilities are located near Warsaw, Poznań and Łódź.


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