Our commitment to resources and environment

At Azelis, product stewardship is key: we ensure that all our products are used, packaged, labeled, dispatched, and disposed of in accordance with the local and governmental legislation. We proactively provide the necessary advice and information to all partners along our supply chain to help them ensure their safety and health, as well as the protection of the environment. 

Azelis is working on action plans to reach our targets for reducing the carbon footprint of our operations (Scope 1), as well as indirect emissions (Scope 2 and 3). 

Maria J. Martin Almenar
Group SHEQ & Sustainability Director

"We align our sustainability strategy with the Responsible Care or Responsible Distribution programs sponsored by national associations to ensure sustainable use of resources along with continually reducing the environmental impact of our business. Our respect for the environment is deeply rooted in all we do."

SDGs we contribute to

Azelis in Action

Our St Mary’s manufacturing facility in Azelis Australia takes a sustainable approach to waste management. General waste is split between plastic, cardboard, or paper and general waste, which passes over a weighbridge for accurate records of disposal or recycling. All drains at our waste treatment plant block, shut, or lead, allowing us to capture all run-off water, rainwater or – in the case of an emergency – allowing accidental spills to be stopped, processed, and checked. In production we treat the wastewater, removing the solids from the water, and we are continually looking
for ways to reduce the solid content in our waste, trialing methods like bio reactions, and drum filtering.

Arabella Lane, Samples Administrator, Azelis UK, came up with the great idea to re-use cardboard boxes for sending out samples to our customers:
"I joined the Samples department a year ago, but I’ve been passionate about recycling for a long time. Having children flipped the switch and made me conscious of the world’s resources and climate change. The Samples department receives many parcels daily, so we’re constantly dealing with many forms of packaging. I discovered in a supplier’s delivery what appeared to be cardboard matting, which gave me the eureka moment! A search on the internet revealed specialist cutting machines that could turn waste cardboard into ‘padding’."

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