Precise, persistent, passionate

Alexandra Kassing
Alexandra Kassing
Laboratory Technical Manager for CASE, DACH

Alexandra is a qualified chemical laboratory technician. She has over 21 years’ experience within the coatings industry and is a member of VILF (Verband der Ingenieure des Lack- und Farbenfaches), a German coatings association. Alexandra has also been tutoring at Azelis CASE international training sessions since 2014.

Alexandra has a passion for science and technology and thoroughly enjoys seeing her own innovative developments in real life. She was recently involved in a project with a well known curable polymeric colorant. After extensive lab work, the product now has compatability with several different binder systems and is built into the polymeric network of the final coating – making it is ultra-efficient and non-extractable.

It can be a lengthy process but when it finally works, it’s a great feeling to realise we have developed something nobody else has. Successful R&D equals a happy customer, a happy supplier and a happy Azelis!
Alexandra Kassing
Stefan Hagenberg, Senior Technical Development Manager CASE EMEA
Stefan Hagenberg
Senior Technical Development Manager CASE EMEA

Stefan is a chemical engineer and has over 25 years’ experience within the industry. He is Head of Coating R&D and founded the Azelis Coating Academy. Active within the industry, Stefan is an active speaker and participant at DLFF (Danish paint and lacquer association), VILF (German coating association), OCCA (British Oil & Colour Chemists Association) and ColorMix (Ukraine coating forum). In addition, he also organizes school visits to transmit his passion and inspire young generations.

Stefan was involved with a customer project that required a clear coat flooring varnish with ultra high mechanical resistance. With a requirement to be only water-based and non-hazardous, the varnish also had to work, and dry, at room temperature. Having to overcome various challenges as well as meet strict requirements, a coating was developed that beat even the industry benchmark!

I have an enthusiasm for coatings! An intrinsic passion for natural sciences and feel lucky that I was able to turn my hobby into my profession. And I have a high frustration tolerance: if everything works out first time, there would be no need for a lab!
Stefan Hagenberg
Peter Braun, CASE US
Peter Braun
Lab Director, CASE Wisconsin (US)

Peter has over 25 years of industry experience; first with a major supplier of specialty consumer products, then with a major global chemicals supplier. He led the start-up of the Azelis Wisconsin Inks and Coatings lab seven years ago.

Peter has delivered presentations and training at numerous industry groups such as the National Printing Ink Research Institute and the Flexographic Technical Association. He brings particular expertise in acrylic polymers, inks and graphic arts, coatings, and UV curing. Peter's lab focusses on coatings, inks, adhesives and elastomers.

I love the way markets evolve and progress. And seeing how the solutions we create together with our partners crystallise into new ways of approaching those markets, is to me just magical. 
Peter Braun
Dan Haines, CASE US
Dan Haines
Lab Director, CASE Georgia (US)

Dan has over 25 years of industry experience; first with a major global supplier of specialty acrylic polymers, then with a major provider of construction materials, then with Azelis. Dan led the initiation of the Azelis Georgia lab 10 years ago, bringing the first-hand perspectives of both principal and customer from his earlier roles.

Dan has delivered presentations at numerous seminars and is a member of ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and the USA-based Southern Society of Coatings Technology.

Dan brings particular expertise in acrylic polymers, elastomeric roof coatings, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), mortars, paints, waterproof membranes, and adhesives.

I thoroughly enjoy working at the lab. I am the glue between principals and customers that seamlessly transforms ingredients into the greatest solutions.
Dan Haines
Jessica Silva, Director of Labs, Americas
Jessica Silva
Lab Director Construction, CASE US

Jessica, Director of Labs, Americas, holds a PhD in Materials Science and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin. She has over 5 years of subsequent industry experience. 

Prior to joining Azelis, Jessica served as a Research Fellow at the USA National Research Council/ Federal Highway Administration and then developed construction materials at a cementitious formulations manufacturer.

She has delivered research presentations and publications in the area of concrete materials, and is an active participant in ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials). Her lab focuses on specialty cementitious formulations and additives.

Creating new formulations is fun, and sharing the knowledge you gathered from the whole process with customers and principals gives me positive energy and the excitement to go back to the lab and work on the next.
Jessica Silva
Jisha Hechel
Lab Manager - Construction

JishaHechel is the Laboratory Manager in the Construction Solutions Applications Lab.  She has over six years of industry experience in cementitious materials and adhesives.

Cementitious formulations vary regionally due to natural variations in regional mineral sources. Jishahas worked with multiple customers to achieve the desired results with Azelis additives and the regional mineral supplies.

“Working in the lab with my hands and equipment has been my life long dream. Now applying that life long dream to my work is amazing. Helping customers solve challenges gives me great satisfaction.
Jisha Hechel
Hakan Askun
Laboratory Manager, CASE EMEA (Turkey)

Hakan Askun works as the Laboratory Manager for our CASE lab in Istanbul, Turkey. Hakan has 14 years of experience in R&D and has worked at Azelis since September 2021. 

His main role is to work on lab projects, train customers and colleagues, and to develop innovative formulations.

I'm proud to be part of the Azelis CASE team and formulating new and innovative solutions for our customers!
Hakan Askun