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Sylvie Henry, Food Lab Manager France
Sylvie Henry
Lab Manager Food & Health France

Sylvie has over 35 years’ experience within the Food & Health industry. In addition to a MBA IGIA in Food Industry, Sylvie is a member of the Adrianor Food Development Centre and PAI Club – Food Ingredient Association. Areas of expertise include sweet applications, dairy ingredients and nutrition. In addition, Sylvie recently developed the Azelis Healthy Box, a promotional nutritious lunchbox containing both Azelis and principal’s finished products.

Sylvie was recently involved with a customer project to create an alcohol free Mojito cocktail. The aim was to match the infamous cocktail’s colour, have a fresh and fruity taste, finished off with gold glitter in suspension within the drink. Having to overcome so many requirements was quite a challenge but resulted in a very successful mocktail.

It is very exciting to find a way to develop an application and putting together ideas, market trends and technical knowledge. I love working with principals, customers and Azelis colleagues to mix all our expertise together to reach the end goal!
Sylvie Henry
Hana Svobodová, Application Technologist, Food & Health
Hana Svobodová
Application Technologist Food & Health Czech Republic

Hana Svobodová is Food Application Technologist for Food & Health in Czech Republic. Hana has 12 years’ experience within the industry and holds MSc in Food Technology and Quality. Hana’s areas of expertise include R&D, quality and food legislation. Hana is actively involved in the industry, leading seminars for customers as well as winning a DSM award for savoury flavouring by yeast extracts.

Hana was involved with assisting a spice blending company moving into a new market segment; sport nutrition. As well as formulation advice, Hana helped to prepare the complete recipe and give advice about labeling of the final product. The product was successfully launched and the new brand is performing really well in this market!

Food is my passion! I'm lucky that food is everywhere and I can collect new inspiration for my work anywhere, anytime. I have transformed my hobby into my job. I thrive on challenges, new trends and interacting with customers.
Hana Svobodová
Alex McHardy, Technical Applications Manager, Food & Health UK
Alex McHardy
Technical Applications Manager, Food & Health UK

Alex has a degree in Food and Biotechnology and has over 20 years’ experience within the industry. His area of expertise includes stabilisers, emulsifiers, starches, flavoursand colours.

Alex recently worked with a customer who needed to solve problems with an acidified milk drink with fruit juices. By recommending the right ingredient capable of being processed at UHT temperatures, the milk proteins were protected, the final product had a pleasing silky mouthfeel and was label friendly.

I really enjoy talking to customers to understand their project briefs and solve their product issues.
Alex McHardy
Lotte Kristiansen, R&D Manager Smoke Ingredients, Food & Health Denmark
Lotte Kristiansen
R&D Manager Smoke Ingredients, Food & Health Denmark

Lotte Kristiansen is R&D Manager Smoke Ingredients in Denmark. She is a qualified Food Engineer, with over 15 years’ experience in the industry. Lotte is responsible for all technical aspects of Scansmoke products, including GFSI,Halal and Kosher certification of the Danish factory. Her area of expertise is smoke flavourings and she regularly holds customer seminars and internal training sessions on this topic.

The lab was approached by a sausage casing manufacturer to add smoky flavour to a casing in order to ‘smoke’ the sausage upon filling. The addition of the smoke flavour should not interfere with crosslinking of the collagen. Furthermore the customer wanted a special ‘fragrance’ to their product. The food lab made trials over several months to find the perfect flavour without having effect on the rest of the process, with great success. This tailor-made product is now in full scale production.

In my role as R&D Manager I am involved in quality control, regulatory demands, certification, product development and customer care. These are areas that motivate me and brings something different to my day - every day.
Lotte Kristiansen
Camille Gubler, Lab formulator, Food & Health in France
Camille Gubler
Lab Formulator for Food & Health, France

Camille Gubler is a Lab Formulator for Food & Health, in France.

Recently graduated, Camille holds a Master of Food Flavours from ISIPCA. Her thesis was dedicated to comparison of various proteins’ origin, both in terms of nutritional quality and technical properties. This included classical proteins such as dairy, soy, oat, meat and fish but also more ‘exotic’ proteins such as algae and insects.

Camille is highly involved in developing demo kits, dedicated for customer meetings and seminars.

This is a good way to present our range of ingredients and capabilities, for example to reduce fat in béchamel sauces and salad dressings. I enjoy using my flavor knowledge to compensate fat loss by good butter, milk and spicy flavours!
Camille Gubler
Kristian Nielsen
Technical Product Manager for Food & Health, Denmark

Kristian Nielsen is Technical Business Development Manager for Food & Health, Denmark.

He is a qualified butcher, educated at the Danish Meat Academy in Roskilde, with over 14 years’ experience in the retail and meat industry.

Kristian has been working with the University of Ghent, in Belgium, on a liquid smoke flavour project. He is also winner of several national retail butcher competitions.

An example of this was a project for a producer of bacon, ham and sausages, who needed our assistance to optimise their smoke program. We simulated the customer’s smoke process in our pilot plant smokehouse and were able to suggest several changes resulting in a timesaving of 45 minutes. Today, the customer is still using the smoke program we developed.

In my job, I establish the customer’s need, work on developing a solution and finally implementing this in the customer’s production. What I like about my daily work is that not two days are the same – I also learn a lot for my personal development.
Kristian Nielsen
Sri Rahayu
Laboratory Manager for Food & Health, Indonesia

Sri Rahayu is Laboratory Manager for Food & Health in Indonesia. Sri has a degree in Food Technology & Human Nutrition and over 15 years’ experience within the industry. Her area of expertise includes seasoning, modified starches and hydrocolloids.

Sri’s task is to support customers who develop new products, hence her nature of job is to face customers in order to bridge between technology and commercial.

The food industry is very well regulated, especially within Indonesian FDA and Halal Certification. In this area, Sri is highly connected with the authorities.

I enjoy working together with customers, giving ideas of new products.
Sri Rahayu
Adela Avram, Sales Manager for Food & Health, Romania
Adela Avram
Sales Manager for Food & Health, Romania

Adela Avram is Sales Manager for Food & Health, in Romania. She is a qualified Food Engineer, with over 15 years’ experience in the industry.

Adela’s specific area of expertise is meat applications, and often provides advice to all external collaborators on a project. This includes tests in their processing units, to better understand the manufacturing process.

I am constantly looking for new solutions. Our customers’ requirements can be very different, for example shorter manufacturing time, better colour of the finished product during shelf life, or a specific result after heat treatment.
Adela Avram
Neha Deshmukh Patel, Application Technologist for Food & Health, India
Neha Deshmukh Patel
Application Technologist for Food & Health, India

Neha Deshmukh Patel is the Application Technologist for Food & Health in India. She Neha holds a Diploma in Bakery & Confectionery and a Post Graduate Diploma in Food Packaging & Marketing Management. She has over 13 years’ experience within R&D applications, operations and quality management. Neha is a member of AFSTI, the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists in India and a certified auditor for Food Safety Management Systems. Her area of expertise is in bakery and beverages.

The fully equipped development kitchen in Mumbai only opened in January 2018, but the team is already working with several customers on new developments.

I find it very interesting to come up with new concepts, work with current trends in the market and follow concepts through to product launch. It is a great feeling to be an influential part in something that you can see on the market shelves.
Neha Deshmukh Patel
Molly Wang
Technical Manager, Food & Health China

Molly Wang is the Technical Manager for Food & Health in China. She has a degree in Food Science and Technology and has more than15yearsofexperienceinthe food industry and has mainly been working on sauces, coatings, meat processing, marinades and seasoning powders.

Some of Molly’s recent development work includes ajam with high oil content which can be used for baking and microwave and baking coatings. One of her biggest achievements has been obtaining the Chinese national invention patent certificate for three new product developments.

What triggers me in my job is to be able to deep-dive into the customer's production process and the use of the customer's products to optimise our formulation processes.
Molly Wang
Gary Mingyang
Technical Engineer for Food & Health, China

Gary Mingyang is the Technical Engineer for Food & Health in China. He has a Master's degree in Food Science and Engineering and has 3 years of experience in the baking industry. Gary mostly works on research and development for new baking products.

Some of Gary’s recent development work include an eggless cake andlong-shelf life solutions for puff pastry.

My life quote ‘Where there is a will, there is a way’ pushes me to keep searching for the best solutions for our customers.
Gary Mingyang
Woman in lab coat
Hikmah Chairani
Laboratory Assistant, Food & Health Indonesia

Hikmah Chairani is Laboratory Assistant in the Food & Health lab in Indonesia and has a degree in Food Technology. Hikmah has over 10 years' experience in the food and beverage industry. 

Her field of experience lies in beverages and more specifically, she is experienced in the application of natural and artificial sweeteners and coloring. When working in the manufacturing industry, she successfully introduced new products to the market such as a jelly drink in tetra pack and a tea drink.

Every new customer project brings exciting new challenges and plenty of room for innovation.
Hikmah Chairani
Irina Rustamova
Sales and Technical Support Manager, Food & Health Russia

Irina Rustamova is Sales and Technical Support Manager for Food & Health Russia and is a qualified engineer-technologist. She has over 19 years' experience in the industry.​

Her area of experience is in the application of mayonnaise, sauce and fruit filling. Irina is proud of recipes for mayonnaise and sauce she developed which were afterward successfully implemented at the production plants of customers.

I like my work because it is always a search for new ideas, a creative approach and most importantly, it is communication with our clients, identifying their needs and jointly solving them, which allows us to always move forward.
Irina Rustamova
Kim Lund
Technical Manager, Food & Health Nordic

Kim Lund is Technical Manager for Food & Health, Nordic.​

Kim has more than 18 years' experience as a product developer and application technologist and his area of expertise is in bakery, soft drink and general food. He joined Azelis in November 2019. Kim also has been involved in teaching food and health courses. 

I love my job because I like to solve issues and come up with solutions together with costumers and overcome the issues they are facing.
Kim Lund
woman smiling
Eva Suen
Technical Account Manager, Food & Health Canada

Eva Suen is Technical Account Manager for Food & Health in Canada.​

Eva holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and has 10 years of experience in the food industry. She completed her Food Science Certificate at the University of Guelph in  2016. 

She's a member of the Women in Food Industry Management (WFIM) and  Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology (CIFST).​

Her area of expertise is in starch chemistry and its application in various market segments (bakery, dairy, confectionary, savoury).​

The Canadian Food & Health lab develops formulations for bakery, savory, confectionery, beverage, dairy, vegan foods & pet food.

Being a foodie, I love working in an industry which I am truly passionate about! I enjoy working with our customers and providing them with technical support to help them succeed.
Eva Suen
Stephan Sonny
Junior Food Application Technician, Food & Health Germany

Stephan Celebesario Sonny is Junior Food Application Technician for Food & Health in Germany. 

Stephan has a Master's Degree in International Food business and consumer studies. As a Food Technologist, he is responsible for the application and formulation of innovative food products based on customers' demands and market trends. 

Stephan did the research for his Master's thesis at Azelis in the role of a research and development (R&D) laboratory assistant. The project was to develop a yoghurt drink with orange flavor product in combination with a sugar substitution using Rebaudioside A 60 (Reb A60).

I try to learn something quick because I believe in this era, it is not a matter of the strong defeats the weak, but the fast beats the slow.
Stephan Sonny
Woman with long hair and glasses
Dipti Kolte
Application Specialist, Food & Health in India

Dipti Kolte is Application Specialist for Food & Health in India.

Dipti  hasaBachelor’s degree in Food Engineering & Technology and has over three years’ experience in the industry. Her field of expertise lies in bakery, mayonnaise and natural preservation in sauces and dips.

Sheisnowworkingonthedevelopment of breakfast products such as yoghurt with prebiotic fiber, nutrition bars, cookies with dietary fibers and plant proteins.

The customer interaction while suggesting a correct ingredients and helping to fulfil their product requirement always bring something new and different to my daily activities which makes my job interesting.
Dipti Kolte