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Richard Summers, Pharma UK
Richard Summers
Technical & Regulatory Manager, Pharma UK

With over 14 years’ experience, Richard’s area of expertise is topical product formulation and skincare. Richard holds a degree in Applied Chemistry and diploma in Cosmetic Science and is a member of the Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Richard regularly presents on various pharmaceutical topics and most recently at the Making Pharmaceuticals exhibition in the UK.

Richard is the in-house expert with the latest state-of-the-art tablet coating machine. The machine enhances the product offering to customers and having Richard’s high levels of understanding enables the very best service. Understanding the procedure and how certain parameters can adversely affect the process as a whole is imperative to delivering the very best technical offering.

Being able to get hands on with raw materials increases a deeper understanding of product synergies and unique selling points. The range and diversity of the business differs every day. But our lab set-up allows us to take on almost any challenge.
Richard Summers
Enosh Mwesigwa, Pharma UK
Enosh Mwesigwa
Technical Product Manager

Enosh has over 15 years’ experience within the pharmaceuticals industry. In addition to a PhD in Pharmaceutics and a MSc in Pharmaceutical Technology, Enosh is active within the industry being a member of a number of associations; America Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, International Liposome Society and International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology. In addition, Enosh was also a founder member of Excipients Industry/Users Association.

Enosh was involved with a flavour project recently, optimising a flavour for a customer and identifying the best option to cover a bitter nutraceutical active. In general, having a focus to expand the flavour portfolio and analyse which types of flavours work well in certain systems for future recommendations.

As the ingredients market evolves I’m becoming more a strategic partner in the value chain. Not only as in technical support, but I also provide a wide range of value-adding services that all ensures we remain relevant in the eyes of our stakeholders.
Enosh Mwesigwa