Jaume Salom - Spain

As Azelis continues to grow, new opportunities appear in the various parts of the world where we are present and thriving. Offering these opportunities to our employees and a chance to discover new worlds, progress and personal development, is at the heart of our talent mobility program. 

Our next story takes us to Barcelona, where Jaume Salom lives with his wife and two daughters, aged 9 and 11. He was born there 52 years ago and has lived in this nice city all his life. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, exercising in the gym, teaching his daughters to ski and driving his motorcycle on winding roads when the weather is nice.

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We asked Jaume how he ended up at Azelis:
I studied Chemistry at the University of Barcelona and have always worked in sales of specialty chemicals. I started in the area of industrial water treatment, working for an American company. After this, I joined a Spanish distributor where I was responsible for several process adjuvants. I joined Azelis in 2010, as Sales Manager Fine Chemicals. In June 2018, I was promoted to Business Manager Specialty Agri/Horti.

What have been the biggest changes for you?
Becoming BU Manager Agri/Horti has been the most important change in my career. Acting as Line Manager is not always easy. In my former job, I was working very independently and doing most of the work myself. In my current job a lot of my time is spent on coordinating projects together with a large team.. Another important difference is the fact that I am now travelling much more than before. 

How have these changes impacted you?
The change is very refreshing! I really feel that I have a more global view of what we are doing in Azelis – not just in my department or country, but of the business as a whole.

How do you feel now, after doing this role for 6 months?
I’m starting to feel more comfortable in this position, and at the same time I think that there are still many things that I can improve upon, and learn.

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If you could share one piece of advice to someone, what would it be?
Comfort is not the most important thing to aim for in your working life. A little bit of stress can actually be good for you, it can improve your focus and performance. You have no choice but to take on new challenges and find different solutions when you are out of your comfort zone.

Having been given the opportunity for this new role in your professional career, what are your thoughts now on the Talent Mobility program?
I think that this program is a very good idea and can improve productivity within a department. Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can provide new perspectives and bring fresh ideas.

Are there any new exciting projects you are currently working on?
Currently, I’m very busy learning more about the Agri/Horti industry - technical issues as well as understanding the role of the different players in the market.

What would your message be to anyone else who could be given the opportunity to move to another department within Azelis?
My advice would be, don’t discard the idea. Consider it carefully, this change could be very positive for you!