CASE application labs

CASE application laboratories

Choosing the best raw materials for each application is essential. Our people have many years of experience in helping manufacturers and customers to source the most effective raw materials. Azelis' CASE labs help you to create new products, refine processes and develop commercial advantages for all your applications.


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At our labs, we support our customers and principals with new product developments. But we don't stop here; our support goes beyond test tubes and condensers. At Azelis we are highly knowledgeable, but we realize that knowledge is nothing if it is not shared:

  • Market-focused seminars - we regularly bring our partners together to discuss exciting new developments.
  • Topic-based lectures - our award-winning colleagues share their findings and insights.
  • On-site visits - our colleagues take their knowledge and developments to our partners, and we regularly invite customers and principals to our labs for collaborative work.
  • Analysis of formulation shortcomings
  • Benchmark testing
  • Competitive studies
  • Consulting
  • Custom formulations for specific projects
  • Customer visits
  • Development
  • Continuous optimisation of formulation guidelines
  • Formulation support
  • Exhaustive database and technical library of formulations
  • Internal Academy training sessions
  • Lab testing
  • Launch packages
  • Training sessions on formulations for customers and principals
  • Troubleshooting
  • Anti-sag meters
  • Rheometers
  • Conical mandrel testers
  • Chemical resistance test equipment
  • Density testers
  • Dry time recorder
  • Film application equipment (spiral bar coater, coating knife)
  • Flow cups
  • Gas-phase cromatographs
  • Gloss meters
  • Grindometers
  • High-speed dispersers and mixers
  • Pendulum hardness testers
  • MFFT machines (incl. chiller + compressor)
  • Microscope with photo/video equipment
  • pH meters
  • Pycnometers (density cup)
  • Refractometers
  • Scrub machines
  • Hardness test equipment
  • Paint shakers
  • Accelerated weathering equipment – QUV/Xenon
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Universal testing machine
  • Water vapor transmission apparatuses
  • Salt fog
  • Impact testing and Mandrel bend
  • Adhesion testing – 180 peel, tensile bond, crosshatch/crosscut
  • Hydrostatic pressure equipment
  • Taber abrasion
  • Hot Roll Laminator
  • Shear bank – shear profile testing
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