Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare application labs

Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare application labs

Pharma application labs

The pharmaceutical & healthcare market is characterized by constant development, changing regulations, and evolving healthcare demands. With unrivaled sourcing from reputable manufacturers worldwide, we offer a reliable integrated supply chain with first-class logistics support across EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas, fully supported by appropriate regulatory and quality assurance.


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At our labs, we support our customers and principals with new product developments. But we don't stop here; our support goes beyond test tubes and condensers. At Azelis we are highly knowledgeable, but we realize that knowledge is nothing if it is not shared:

  • Market-focused seminars - we regularly bring our partners together to discuss exciting new developments.
  • Topic-based lectures - our award-winning colleagues share their findings and insights.
  • On-site visits - our colleagues take their knowledge and developments to our partners.
  • Regular newsletters - we keep our partners up to speed on the latest developments and market trends.
  • All topical and oral dosage forms, except capsules.
  • Tablet presses
  • Tablet spray coating machines
  • High shear homogenizers
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