Textiles, Leather & Paper application labs

Textiles, Leather & Paper application labs

Textiles, Leather & Paper application labs

We supply innovative specialty chemicals for the textile and related industries that include dyes, pretreatment, bleaching, finishing, coating and special effects products. Our commercial and technical teams will provide you with unparalleled sales support to fit your needs and keep you in the loop of the latest market developments.

From pretreatment, bleaching and finishing products to dyes, coatings and special effects – our comprehensive range of raw materials is sourced from leading global manufacturers. You can rely on our knowledgeable technical team to guide you towards innovative sustainable solutions as well as cost and performance optimization.

Facilities and capabilities


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At our labs, we support our customers and principals with new product developments. We don't stop here;  our support goes beyond test tubes and condensers. At Azelis we are highly knowledgeable, but we realize that knowledge is nothing if it is not shared:

  • Market-focused seminars - we regularly bring our partners together to discuss exciting new developments.
  • Topic-based lectures - our award-winning colleagues share their findings and insights.
  • On-site visits - our colleagues take their knowledge and developments to our partners.
  • Regular newsletters - we keep our partners up to speed on the latest developments and market trends.
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  • Leather processing Drums x 2 75 kg capacity
  • Woolskin paddle 2 x 140 liter
  • 6 drum multi-sample mini leather process drums DOSE
  • Laboratory stirrers x 4
  • Viscometer LVT
  • Mini Vertical bead mill
  • Industrial washing machine
  • Electonic scales to 3 kg x 7
  • Electonic scales to 30 kg x 1
  • PH meters x 2
  • UV/ Vis spectrometer
  • Paper pulp evaluation apparatus
  • Rub tester
  • Flexometer
  • Instron 4302
  • Electric hot plates x 3
  • Stainless steel leather drying table
  • Lab ovens x 2
  • Incubator
  • Industrial sized spray booth
  • Spray gun
  • 600mm roller coater
  • 600mm leather press
  • Laboratory Steamer
  • Colour Control Booth
  • Data Colour spectrophotometer and Treepoint software
  • Laboratory drying /setting/curing apparatus
  • Winding machine x 2
  • Fixotest machine
  • Pad mangle x 2
  • 20 Liter water bath
  • ECO dyeing machine
  • Thin layer Chromatography apparatus
  • Sewing machine
  • Crockmeter x 2
  • Electronic pipettes x 3
  • Hydroextractor
  • Domestic Iron and press
  • Rapid dye machine
  • Light fastness boxes x 2
  • Desiccator
  • Various sieves
  • Flash point tester
  • Moisture balance
  • Fume cabinet x 1
  • Peristaltic pump
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