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In-cosmetics Asia 10th Anniversary Celebrated In Style

The January issue of Personal Care Asia Pacific magazine contains a full review of the recent in-cosmetics Asia show in Bangkok and features Azelis on page 19.

"Azelis was at in-cosmetics Asia showcasing key technological advancements that are effective at addressing the needs for wellbeing, caring and protecting both humans and the environment we live in. Azelis offered key ingredients to combact the urban impact, including Weylchem SAS, which is an excellent biodegradable benzene and EO-free surfactant that is environmentally friendly and helps to remove grease, dirt and dust. Also available is Weylchem Allantoin, an anti-irritant that supports the regeneration of damaged epithelium cells of the skin. Ingredion products are naturally sourced environmentally friendly starches that are kind to the skin, while Calumet products help enhance the moisturising effect on skin. OBI Bamboo products are natural, green, sustainable, 100% organic and ecocert-certified, providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

2017 was the first time Azelis had exhibited at in-cosmetics Asia, and Personal Care spoke with Laurent Nataf, CEO and President, Azelis, Asia-Pacific, to find out more about the company's new approach in Asia: "Asia is still a new territory for us and we only started our operation in 2012 in Asia Pacific. Today Asia is around 6% of our turnover. Now we intend to expand further our presence in terms of number of countries and numbers of segments, growing organically, and we are exhibiting here in Asia for the first time in order to raise that brand awareness in the region as well."

Reflecting on what the company brings to the region, Nataf added: "The region is already quite well organised in terms of distribution, nevertheless this concentration that we see in terms of supplier level and at customer level it is obvious that the businesses are becoming global and it is becoming global as well for distributors. We want to be a global distributor in order to have more technical exchange, shared trends, develop synergies between commercial and technical people. This is where we believe we can use our global network to be more efficient in each country".      

Article published in the January issue of Personal Care magazine. You can see the original article on page 19 here