Decoding COVID-19 impact on the personal care industry

In an interviewwith Cosmetics Design Asia, Jacqueline Hoe, Asia Pacific Business Development Manager Personal Careat Azelis, shares her vision on the future of the beauty and personal care industry. She believes the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak will have a clear and lasting change; demand for color cosmetics is expected to slow down and skin care will go up.

There are also new opportunities for personal care companies to offer additional related benefits to considers. Due to social isolation and distancing, there is also a need for more ‘me-time’ and self-care. She furthermore predicts thatthe need for cosmeceuticals products with bioactive ingredients, which are supposed to have medical benefits, will increase tremendously.

With these changes, she reaffirms that Azelis is prepared to evolve along with it and is primarily focused on supporting customers in all market segments. Azelis has also kicked off new marketing campaigns and is increasingly stepping up its offer of webinars on market trends and defined product ranges.

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