Formulating with bamboo water

When it comes to innovation we are always striving for more. And that is the reason why Azelis is again on top of the game.

The topic of water is of great importance to personal care formulators. Lotions, creams or shampoos - almost all formulations contain small to very large percentages of water. In many regions of the world, water is not only a very scarce resource, but often also heavily contaminated. Christian Gerig, founder of Organic Bamboo Industries - a principal of Azelis - has developed a 100% pure plant water, extracted without the use of solvents that can be used as a one to one substitute for water. Pure Bamboo Water is the first 100% fresh plant water, available all year-round. The high availability of this plant water, based on an incomparable sustainable concept, offers new possibilities for the substitution of water in cosmetics.

This is in line with our strategic approach of innovation through formulation, adding value via sustainability.

At in-cos Asia 30 October – 1 November, we presented functional and natural concepts combined in innovative formulations.

Interested to learn more? Follow this link here to read the article written by Tracy Wei, Azelis Laboratory Manager Personal Care & Home Care, China and Christian Gerig, founder of Organic Bamboo Industries Ltd.