Innovation through formulation: sea ingredients

Azelis was featured in the November edition of Personal Care Magazine Europe and the January edition of the APAC magazine with an article on innovative formulating with marine ingredients. In our Personal Care labs, we contribute to a positive environmental impact by formulating with, and better understand the benefits of natural raw materials. In this Personal Care Magazine article, we look into different marine-derived raw materials, their history, origin and formulating possibilities and benefits.

Claire Summers, Technical Development Manager Azelis EMEA:

"These different profiles [of seaweeds] result in a variety of properties, allowing them to be used for a diverse range of functionalities: from being used as thickeners to active ingredients. This incredible diversity allows for the creation of many formulations, with a wide variety of new textures and new claims just waiting to be developed."

Check out this interesting read and discover all about the versatility of these natural ingredients.