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Community projects

We support a number of community projects across the globe and work closely with local farmers, whether single producers or co-operatives, providing them commercial assistance to market their materials beyond their local market. By combining the local producer’s knowledge and understanding of the agronomy, the climate, soil conditions and plant material with the commercial resources and activities of Azelis, these local growers are able to reach international industries and markets they would not otherwise reach.

The partnerships we have formed with growers give security to both parties: the grower has security of sales and revenue and Azelis has a secure supply to enable us to meet increasing customer demand.

Furthermore, the relationships are based on a shared philosophy and set of defined objectives:

  • The need for fair trading with producers and respect of their achievement and traditional knowledge
  • Ensuring reasonable working practices
  • Enabling diversity and progression
  • Protection of the environment for future generations

Azelis works with environmental and social certification bodies to ensure these products meet the stringent criteria and has successfully gained many accreditations and certifications for product evaluation and registration, e.g. Indigenous Certification and FSC.  Azelis also works with specific organic certifying bodies, which are monitored under the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (IFOAM ) umbrella, to ensure that producers who are not able to achieve Fairtrade accreditation due to cultural differences, receive a fair price for their crops and labour.

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