Azelis appoints Group Strategy & Digitalization Director, strengthening Azelis’ focus on being a fully integrated and innovative solutions provider

4 November 2019

Azelis is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Heli Kilpala as Group Strategy & Digitalization Director, effective November 1, 2019. This appointment testifies to Azelis’ ambition to become the benchmark in the industry as a fully integrated and innovative solutions provider.

Highlights & rationale

  • Azelis appoints its first Group Strategy & Digitalization Director, as a continuation of its efforts to become the industry benchmark as a fully integrated and innovative solutions provider.
  • Group Strategy & Digitalization Director will be responsible for strategy and change, focusing on processes and digital innovation.
  • Dr. Heli Kilpala has a strong experience in global business transformations and the related business process re-design.
  • This appointment is in line with Azelis’ strategy that new business opportunities should come from digitalization as one of the three main growth drivers.

As a direct report to the CEO, the Group Strategy & Digitalization Director will work closely with the members of the ExCom and other business leaders to drive and evolve medium- to long-term regional and market segment strategies. Furthermore, Dr. Kilpala will be responsible for design and implementation of the company's digital roadmap, leading the development of digital products and services together with the business.

Dr. Hans Joachim Müller, Azelis CEO, comments on the appointment:

“Heli is a results oriented supply chain strategy and process design specialist with extensive consulting experience. She has an impressive track record in global business transformations and related business process re-design. As digitalization is expected to play an increasingly significant role in Azelis’ future undertakings, it was an imperative to formalize this function and bring onboard a high-profile professional to lead this new, strategic function in Azelis.”

Azelis has already been investing in digitalization efforts in different regions as part of its strategic direction, and this will only be intensified and further professionalized going forward. Two examples of such efforts include: an on-line formulation project management channel aimed at optimizing customer’s time to market in Americas; and a portal for customers in a selected number of EMEA countries that provides product and marketing information, inspiring formulation videos, as well as additional services. Both platforms were launched with the aim to service customers in the best possible way. 

Dr. Müller concludes:

“Digitalization has clearly been on our agenda and it is expected to be one of the key factors driving our future organic growth. This is one of the initiatives that should help us become a true benchmark in the industry and a role model for other chemical companies.”

Prior to joining Azelis, Dr. Kilpala held the role of Digital Principal at DSM, where she was responsible for stimulating digital mindset across the DSM IT organization and business, increasing the number of digital initiatives, bringing outside-in digital knowledge and expertise, and driving digital initiatives that are aligned with the strategy. Prior to this she worked at DSM Food Specialties, Deloitte Consulting and as an independent consultant.

Dr. Kilpala holds an M.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration from Oulu University, Finland and a Ph.D. in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Utah State University, USA. A Finnish national, Dr. Kilpala lives in The Netherlands with her husband and their two children. In her free time, she enjoys jogging and traveling.