Azelis extends collaboration with Milliken for Liquitint® polymeric colorants across Europe

19 May 2015

Azelis is pleased to announce an extended distribution agreement with Milliken to offer its novel Liquitint® polymeric colorants for all Homecare and Industrial Cleaning (H&IC) applications across Europe. The agreement does not cover Italy and Greece.

Steven Spanhove, Business Development Manager, PC&I Europe at Milliken: “Milliken looks forward to extending its successful partnership with Azelis in the aforementioned countries. Azelis H&IC has already proven to be a trusted and dynamic partner in Benelux, Iberia and UK and its dedicated sales teams have the specialist market knowledge and technical support that our unique products require. We work well together and the decision to extend our partnership was a natural one.”

Cutting-edge Liquitint polymeric colorants provide a broad range of color options to enhance product value, providing brand identity, functionality and product appeal. They offer quality, performance, and microbial certification unmatched by dyes or pigments.

Marnik Tack, International Market Manager, Azelis H&IC adds: “Coupled with Milliken’s support, Azelis will leverage its existing knowledge of these unique materials to effectively penetrate the new markets. Adding vibrant color gives marketing value and allows products to stand out from the rest be it on shelf or in use. Customers also benefit directly from ease of processing. Liquitints are water soluble, which makes them easy to mix, easy to clean and non-staining. Plus, with only a few primary colorants Liquitint colorants enable customers to cover a wide color space, adding to the differentiation potential of their final products.

Liquitint polymeric colorants greatly enhance the appearance and value of everyday household products including laundry products, household cleaners, institutional and industrial chemicals, and a variety of other aqueous applications. They give manufacturers and brand owners the flexibility to create customized products that are both innovative and beautiful.

Azelis set up a new H&IC department in 2013. As part of a strategic investment program, its dedicated sales team has been increased and a new Homecare Applications Laboratory established. This lab will increase its formulation activity, whilst working with customers and principals on specific projects.

The deal with Milliken came into force from April 2015.