Azelis Food & Health introduces new vegetarian bacon flavour in the UK

19 July 2010

Azelis / S. Black in UK and Ireland can now offer food developers the full premium natural flavour of bacon in the latest offering from Butter Buds Food Ingredients: Butter Buds – Bacon™. 

Produced using the same proprietary technology used with other products in the Butter Buds range, Butter Buds – Bacon™ imparts a natural bacon flavour along with richness and mouth feel. It is even suitable for vegetarian food products as it contains no animal fat.

Richard Bacon, Commercial Manager of Azelis in the UK comments “With dosages usually below 1%, the amount of fat added by using Butter Buds – Bacon™ is essentially zero, but the fatty impact coming from the product is very intense. So for savoury applications, for example sauces, processed cheese spreads, seasonings, marinades and meat applications such as sausages, Butter Buds – Bacon™ works wonderfully”.

The flavour profile of Butter Buds – Bacon™ is more natural tasting than other bacon flavours – and not as lingering. This gives products such as bacon or ham flavoured crisps a nice, natural clean bacon hint, without an over powering smoky note. Even better, Butter Buds – Bacon™ gives you a bacon flavour without any added salt, so it helps with today’s demand for lower sodium products.