Azelis offers new source of quality Magnesium Oxide for the UK & Ireland Animal feed markets

5 June 2014

Azelis Animal Nutrition brings a wide range of products, focused expertise, experience and market knowledge to help ensure that customers can deliver safe feed and encourage environments that can help support the health of animals, enhance performance and increase yields.

Azelis is now pleased to announce an agreement with Slovakian magnesite producer SMZ a.s. Jelsava, to distribute the company’s CCM85 caustic calcined magnesite product into the UK and Ireland animal feed markets. CCM85 is a de-dusted fine granular material, ensuring free-flowing and easy handling physical characteristics.  This gives a real benefit to customers as the material is less aggressive towards conveying equipment and thus can help to reduce wear and tear in the manufacturing plant. 

The product has a low silica content, with values for magnesium and magnesium oxide – minimum 50% and 83% respectively – typical of most European production.  More in-depth analysis of attributes correlating with magnesium bio-availability suggests values similar to those of products manufactured in Western Europe.

Ruth Carter, Market Manager, Animal Nutrition Azelis UK explains: “I am confident that our customers will benefit from the ready supply of this new, high quality source of Magnesium Oxide from our stock locations in both the UK and Ireland.  SMZ pride themselves on quality, reliability and long term traditions: their site in Jelsava has been in operation for over 100 years, with privatisation of the state concern in 1994. The production of CCM85 is certified to the GMP+B2 quality assurance standard and the material is compliant with all relevant legislative requirements on ‘undesirable substances’.  A rigorous quality control programme is applied, with every truck load sampled and anlaysed before leaving the factory.” 

Slovakia is a major source of the raw material magnesite ore, sitting on the 4th largest deposit in the world, accounting for around 10% of global stocks. The site in Jelsava produces both dead burned and caustic calcined magnesite and has the largest output of calcined magnesite grades in the EU.