Azelis promotes new Lubricant and Homecare products at Chemspec

31 May 2013

In addition to a comprehensive range of Performance, Base and Fine Chemicals that Azelis offers from leading manufacturers, backed by expert technical and regulatory support, the company has now expanded its offering within the Metal Lubricants and Household Industrial & Institutional Cleaning sectors.

For Household, Azelis offers formulations and technical advice for applications ranging from fabric care through to automotive care to industrial cleaning.  Specialist products include silicones, anti-foams, fragrances, biocides, rheology modifiers, and surfactants that meet the latest trends for sustainable chemistry. 

Within Metal lubricants, Azelis has high tech industrial solutions that meet the world’s challenging environmental requirements. New products include anti wear and extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers, antioxidants and friction modifiers, again with high performance and green chemistry in mind. Specific products for metal working and metal cleaning are a prime focus.

What makes Azelis different is the expert technical sales support and knowledge its experienced sales teams can offer, backed of course, by first class principals.  This combined with local stock holding and short lead times ensure Azelis delivers the rapid response and tailored professional service needed for customer projects. Discover this and more at the Azelis stand 3K1.