Azelis will represent Lantor in Finland, Denmark and Norway

3 May 2011

Market leading Lantor Composites® has appointed Azelis Finland, Denmark and Norway as official distributors of their product range Coremat®, Lantor Finishmat®, Lantor Soric® and Lantor Lancore®.

Lantor Composites® has achieved a solid reputation since its introduction of nonwoven core materials.

Commenting on the new partnership, Regional Business Manager in Azelis Composites, Kasper Jalander, says:  “We are very pleased to be representing the Lantor Composites® division that offers a comprehensive range of innovative nonwoven solutions for the composites (Fiber Reinforced Plastics) industry.”

“The Nordic Composites business of Azelis is rapidly growing, and we feel confident, that adding the Lantor products to the Azelis portfolio will enable us to bring further value to our customers, as it supports our “one-stop-shop” strategy with high quality products such as resins from Reichhold, glass fiber from Ahlstrom, organic peroxides from Syrgis, machineries and equipments from Wolfangel and now Nonwoven core materials from Lantor.”

“Lantor Composites® has a successful long-term cooperation with different Azelis industries, and it is our mutual goal to further build on this strong foundation, says Kasper Jalander.”

“We have very high expectations of our partnership and regard Azelis a professional and well-established distribution business in Finland, Norway and Denmark,” says Boris van der Kolk, Area Sales Manager Lantor Composites®.