ECKART appoints Megafarma, an Azelis company, to represent their effect pigments and clay based additive lines in Mexico to the CASE and CARE markets.

9 September 2020

ECKART, a leading international manufacturer of metallic pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the graphic arts, plastics, and cosmetics industries, has appointed Megafarma, an Azelis company, to represent their Effect Pigments and Clay-based Additives in the CASE and CARE markets in Mexico. This distribution agreement is effective October 1, 2020.

Peter Brown, Head of Sales, Eckart America, says:

We look forward to working with Megafarma in providing high-quality solutions with superior service to the Mexican market for our valued customers. We are excited to build upon the relationship we have developed with the Azelis Americas family.”

Martin Hernandez, Director General, Megafarma, an Azelis Americas company, says:

We are very proud of all that Megafarma has accomplished in the CASE and CARE sectors in Mexico. By adding Eckart to our expanding list of principals we continue to reinforce our strategy of offering market leading technologies to our CASE and CARE customers in Mexico. Megafarma’s industry focused sales representatives will provide customers with technical expertise and innovative solutions for the Eckart products. Megafarma is committed to growing this business in the CASE and CARE markets in Mexico.”