Merck enters into distribution agreement with Azelis to market Candurin® Pearl Effect Colours in Benelux

21 July 2014

On July 1, 2014, Merck and Azelis entered into another distribution agreement for Candurin® pearl effect pigments. According to this agreement, Merck will grant the distribution rights for its pigments for the food industry in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg to Azelis, the leading distributor of specialty chemicals and food additives. Apart from logistics, Azelis will be responsible for local customer support and applications technology. In turn, Merck will support Azelis with research and development, training and regulatory matters. 

Rainer Hoffmann, responsible for Pigments & Cosmetics Sales, Merck in northern Europe, commented, "Food industry customers in Benelux appreciate the high quality of locally manufactured products - take for instance, the excellent reputation of Belgian chocolates worldwide. According to these customers, a product should not only taste good, but be aesthetically pleasing as well. The answer to this need is high-quality raw materials from Merck, the use of which must be precisely explained to customers. This can only be done by a highly skilled and well-trained team that can call on experienced experts in research, development and marketing. That is precisely what the partnership between Merck and Azelis can ensure."

Merck is already collaborating with Azelis in the United Kingdom and Ireland, as well as in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Bulgaria, Romania, and Greece. The two companies have nurtured this successful partnership for more than 50 years.