Azelis is a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry.

Azelis Thailand was established in 2015 and is currently active in seven market segments: Home Care, Personal Care, CASE, Chemicals, Lubricants & MWF, Agricultural & Environmental Solutions, and Advanced Materials & Additives.

With offices and warehouses in Bangkok, the Azelis Thailand team of over 20 employees include some of the best industry professionals in the country. Our knowledgeable business experts offer value-adding products and innovative ideas for new applications to customers.

Our determination to create true business value with our products crystallizes in the CASE application lab set up in Bangkok. We count on licensed logistic partners and a solid distribution network that can deliver both large and small orders cost-efficiently and on time, even in short lead times.

The team serves over 200 customers through the enduring partnerships it has built with strategic local and international principals, curating a comprehensive product portfolio.

Azelis significantly increased its market presence in Thailand through the majority acquisition of Catalite, adding dedicated application laboratories for personal care and home care to our extensive network.

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