Official information note Azelis Germany (Information der Öffentlichkeit)

Formerly the Kraemer & Martin Group, Azelis Kosmetik GmbH and S. Black GmbH, with 80 years of chemicals distribution experience. Azelis Germany caters to the Animal Nutrition, Chemical Industries, Coatings, Food & Health, Personal Care, Pharma, Rubber & Plastic Additives markets. 

Our dedicated sales team combines technical expertise with commercial know-how, supported by specialised application labs for each business unit with full documentation, our own warehouse and own truck fleet. With this, we guarantee the best service.

Not only that, we count on a highly specialised facility, an ESAD (European Single Assessment Document) clean room for handling high purity solvents that are mainly used in Pharma, Personal Care and Food applications. And in 2016, we set up our first worldwide operating hub in Sankt Augustin to efficiently bundle sales structures and tap market segments.

Terms & Conditions Azelis Deutschland GmbH (English)

Terms & Conditions Azelis Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH ( English)

AGB Azelis Deutschland GmbH (Deutsch)

AGB Azelis Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH (Deutsch)

Bank confirmation Azelis Deutschland GmbH

Bank confirmation Azelis Deutschland Kosmetik GmbH

Disclaimer for brochures and promotional materials (English)

Disclaimer für Broschüren und Werbematerialen (Deutsch)

Watch the video below for an impression of one of our application labs in Germany.

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