Azelis Netherlands was founded with the acquisition of Interland Chemie bv, an independent Dutch speciality chemicals distributor carrying almost 30 years of experience in Food & Nutrition and Essential Chemicals market segments.

Today, we have further expanded into the chemical industry as a whole, following the acquisitions of Smoky Light B.V. and Sirius International in 2023. Smoky Light's product portfolio strategically complements Azelis' lateral value chain for the food &nutrition market (smoke, grills, browning agents and cooking flavors). Sirius International, a pioneer in the formulation of sustainable cleaning products from biodegradable and/or recyclable chemical raw materials, extends Azelis' expertise and product offering to its customers in the Home Care & Industrial Cleaning market.

We are a reputed distributor and known for our unrivaled network of third-party service providers, aimed at adding value and securing the highest level of flexibility to its broad customer and supplier base.

General terms & conditions of sale (Azelis Netherlands):

General terms & conditions of sale (Sirius International Detergents B.V.):

General terms & conditions of sale (Sirius International Water Treatment B.V.):

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