Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids labs

Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids labs

L&MWF application labs

At Azelis, we supply high-quality specialty chemicals for the Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids sector around the world. Whether as raw materials or specialist blends, our comprehensive portfolio covers a unique range of niche base oils and specialty additives. Our comprehensive range of raw materials is sourced to serve all market needs.

From engine oils, industrial fluids, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and greases to metal working fluids, metal cleaning formulation or heat treatment additives. Our knowledgeable team is at your disposal to choose the best raw materials for any market application.

We are here to help you stay informed about the latest market trends and environmental regulation, as well as develop innovative sustainable solutions and formulations.

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At our labs, we support our customers and principals with new product developments. We don't stop here;  our support goes beyond test tubes and condensers. At Azelis we are highly knowledgeable, but we know that knowledge is nothing if it is not shared:

  • Market-focused seminars - we regularly bring our partners together to discuss exciting new developments.
  • Topic-based lectures - our award-winning colleagues share their findings and insights.
  • On-site visits - our colleagues take their knowledge and developments to our partners.
  • Regular newsletters - we keep our partners up to speed on the latest developments and market trends.
  • Formulation assistance
  • Technical service
  • Quality control
  • RPVOT (Lubricant)
  • 4-Ball Wear (Lubricant & Grease)
  • Roll Stability (Grease)
  • Pin & Vee Block (Metal working)
  • Spectrum 2 FT-IR
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