At Azelis, product stewardship is key: we ensure that all our products are used, packaged, labeled, dispatched, and disposed of in accordance with the local and governmental legislation. We proactively provide the necessary advice and information to all partners along our supply chain to help them ensure their safety and health, as well as the protection of the environment. Azelis is working on action plans to reach our targets for reducing the carbon footprint of our operations (Scope 1), as well as indirect emissions (Scope 2 and 3). 


We will continually reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

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Energy management and climatechange

  • Create inventory plan of our GHG emissions and identify carbon reduction activities. ​

  • Establish a roadmap for sourcing renewable electricity. ​

  • Establish the reporting baseline and set emission reduction targets for 2022 onwards

Waste management

  • Implement a robust waste management strategy.
  • Establish the reporting baseline and set the targets for 2022 onwards, to further reduce non-recoverable waste from our operations. 

Environmental accidents

  • 0  environmental accidents

Energy management and mitigating climate change
Re-using cardboard for customer samples