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Azelis employs 4,200+ people across the world in 65 countries. We are an equal opportunity employer, seeking diverse workplaces and embracing inclusion across all areas of our organization. Collaboration, participation, and contribution are all championed, building an environment where everyone can feel included and supported. 

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Jia Yu Peh
Group HR Director

"We pride ourselves on being a progressive employer, fostering equal opportunities and embracing diversity across our business." 


We will be recognized as a global employer of choice for our industry.

Good health and well-beingQuality educationGender equalityDecent work and economic growth

Employee attraction, development and retention

  • 75 points score for ‘engagement’ and  ‘loyalty’ in ESS
  • >10% of employees in the company ‘Talent Pools’.

Diversity and inclusion

  • 100% of line managers will be trained in diversity and inclusive leadership. 
  • 30% of senior management positions will be held by women.

Working conditions

  • 72 points score for ‘working conditions’  in ESS.
  • 0 workplace accidents 

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