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For the last 30 years, we have been supplying the electronics industry around the world with products of the purest quality, striving to expand our global presence, keep up with the fast pace of this ever-evolving industry, and build strong relationships with the most respected of manufacturers.

Our commercial and technical teams will provide the help you need to identify new opportunities for this highly dynamic and ever-changing market, driven by innovation, progress, and consumer demand for new products.

Our services include:

Gallium recycling

We will buy your:

  • GaAs scraps, both ingot and wafers
  • Gallium scraps

for recycling.

Contact us for further information.

III-V substrates reclaim

III/V Reclaim removes all layers and polishes the surface using chemo-mechanical single-side processes. The following cleaning steps result in a thin, homogeneous oxide. A final inspection for defects ensures a continuously high level of quality. Our wafers can be used in epitaxy directly without any additional pretreatment.

Total removal in our reclaim process is at least 10 microns depending on incoming geometry, damage depth, and, in case of small volume orders, the thickness variation of the wafers.

Our service comprises of:

  • Reclaim of III-V substrates: all sizes, all formats
  • Polishing of raw slices
  • Double side polishing
  • Extra thin slices
  • Backside thinning of fully structured wafers


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