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From engine oils, industrial fluids, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and greases to metal working fluids, metal cleaning formulations or heat treatment additives – our comprehensive range of raw materials is sourced to serve all market needs. You can rely on our knowledgeable technical team, here to guide you towards innovative sustainable solutions and keep you in the loop with the latest market developments.

Our range of raw materials is suitable for the following market applications:

  • Engine oils: passenger cars motor oils (PCMO), heavy duty motor oils (HDMO), marine oils, small engine oils (2T and 4T), gas engine oils
  • Industrial fluids: gear oils, tractor hydraulic fluids, power transmission oils, heat transfer oils, railroad oils, turbine oils, compressor oils, process oils, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids , way lubricants and rolling oils
  • Greases: for industrial and automotive application
  • Metal working fluids: neat oil, emulsifiable oils, semi-synthetic and synthetic fluids
  • Metal cleaning formulations: fluids for metal parts cleaning and surface treatments (spray, dipping, sprinkler,…)     
  • Indirect or direct food contact- chain lubes, bakery, medical and refrigerants  
  • Heat treatment additives – quenching , tempering and annealing

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Note to customers: not all products and markets are offered everywhere. Select your local contact below to request availability in your country.

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