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Adding value through industrial focus, innovative niche products and international coverage

Azelis Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids offers a unique range of niche base oils and specialty additives as raw materials or specialist blends. At Azelis you will meet a highly commercial, service-oriented team applying its knowledge and experience to help you innovate, develop and enhance your products and processes. Azelis specializes in adding value where it counts. We are well placed to offer help and advice to formulators, facilitating knowledge transfer from our principals. Azelis provides a complete service to both customers and principals, including sampling, market intelligence and efficient logistics, all with a unique competitive advantage.

Technical sales, product and market managers will work with you to develop and deliver sustainable solutions. Our team has been trained to understand every aspect of the Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids market, from the quality of ingredients and formulation of strategy, current trends and market analysis, new products, to optimizing your value chain.

Our support services include:

An international supply chain

Azelis operates a ‘hub and spoke’ distribution process. This means that our suppliers can deliver to a central point – the hub- and we manage the onward distribution to our local centers – spokes – or to our customers directly.

Azelis has many long-standing business relationships with experienced, certified (ISO, GMP, REACH) third-party logistics service providers. We are fully compliant with, and have expert knowledge of, control regulations and business standards for the storage, handling, transport and trading of chemicals. For principals, Azelis simplifies distribution management, tailoring solutions to meet specific local needs and providing one point of contact. Azelis’ customers have a dedicated local sales manager to work with who is supported by a country product manager.

Our distribution capabilities include:

  • Bulk – storage and transport of powders and liquids
  • Temperature controlled storage and transport when required
  • Accredited standards for storage
  • From bulk to IBCs, drums and pails
  • International sampling service.
  • Flexible deliveries, intelligent solutions
  • Segregated materials by business unit and hazard classification
  • Effective cost control
  • Customer delivery KPIs
  • Re-packing

Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids focused advice

Our specialist chemical team has extensive applications knowledge in Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids and is always ready to help your development teams to innovate products, improve processes or to help drive down costs. Working from local offices in your languages, we can provide market intelligence, trends and advice for the Lubricants & Metal Working Fluids specific markets around the world.

Quality systems

Our regularly audited facilities are compliant to the highest local quality systems in each country we operate in. We are very active with REACH compliance, working in all of the countries we operate in to exceed the standards being developed. As a Responsible Care® company, we work to continuously improve our operational standards with respect to health, safety and the environment.

All products are supported by valid efficacy data and original documentation, including certificates of analysis, regulatory and safety compliance, total lot traceability and technical specifications.

Sampling service centers

We offer a sampling service, helping you to source products in appropriate quantities.

Our sampling service includes:

  • Tailored, quality service for all your fine, base and performance chemical requirements
  • Comprehensive support documentation 
  • Rapid response time 
  • Regulatory and safety compliance 
  • International supplier sampling service where needed

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