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Azelis offers a wide range of fertilizers from a number of worldwide principals for the agriculture, horticulture, and amenity market segments.

With the synergism between the products and their wide range of use, we’re able to recommend and offer fertilisers that optimise the production in form of growth, yield and quality. From solid and suspension to conventional and organic, our products come in various forms, designed for a multitude of purposes.


Our main activities in agriculture are related to micronutrients. As one of the leading suppliers of various micronutrients, we offer these products in the form of pure salt, solution, suspension and chelates as well as straight, mono-nutrient or multi-functional nutrient formulations.

We have a synergistic approach to all our products, which enables us to offer many different crop-specific solutions depending on and adapted to local conditions. Additionally, we offer sulphur (S) products which help compensate for S deficiencies. 


We offer a wide range of high quality fertilizers and specialty products – macro and micronutrient - for glasshouse production, nursery, open-field vegetables and soft fruits and berries. This product line is characterized by high quality and high adaptability to optimal production, different demands of crops and technical systems.

We market conventional as well as organic fertilizers, straights and compounds, solids, solutions and high concentrated suspensions. Some products and formulations are sold under Azelis’ private brand “Pioner“, while others are globally recognized brands of our main suppliers. For peat producers we have developed special tailor-made products and slow release fertilizers as well as basic fertilizers for peat or soil. Keeping in mind a synergistic approach that defines our products, we have also developed a product line of different biostimulants and phosphites.


Golf courses, football pitches, municipal parks and green areas – our product line includes bulk-blended or compacted, granular fertilizers alongside Haifa’s branded products MultiGreen, Hi-Green and Multiverdo. Our water soluble NPK fertilizer, micronutrient solutions and different biostimulants are branded as “Pioner” or sold under a private label.


From inhibitors for urease and nitrification to tank mix additives to optimize the use of foliar fertilizer or plant crop protection, we offer a complete range of additives for a more profitable yield. We have recently launched a new product line of inhibitors for urease and nitrification.

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