Products and Innovation

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Azelis has committed to the principles of sustainable procurement through a global charter for the evaluation of our supply chain. We have conducted an internal risk assessment and we will continue working with our suppliers and principals in order to make sure the principles of CSR are respected throughout the entire supply chain. Working together with our customers for a more sustainable future, we offer the right ingredients and demonstrate innovative formulations created and evaluated in our labs.

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Dr. Matthias Hofmann
Group Director Innovation & Technology Management

"To cater to the sustainable product demand of our customers, our application labs increasingly strive to offer sustainable innovations and concepts. By providing the right ingredients and demonstrating innovative formulations created and evaluated in our formulation labs, Azelis works together with its customers to make our future more sustainable."

Products & Innovation

We will be the leader in distribution of sustainable, innovative and safe chemicals.

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Sustainable products

  • In 2022, we will continue to accelerate the development of sustainable solutions and create the baseline for establishing sustainable solutions targets for 2023 onwards.

Sustainable sourcing

  • 80%  of our revenue covered with assessed suppliers through our “Together for Sustainability” membership.

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