Industrial Cleaning at the Dry Cleaners

Air care

A range of fragrances, gelling agents, solvents, and waxes suitable for incorporation into candles and other air freshening products.

  • Candle waxes
    A broad range of natural and synthetic waxes.
  • Fragrances
    Suitable for use in various air freshener applications. Count on outstanding fragrance support with an expert team for evaluation, market analysis and application knowledge. 
  • Gelling agents
    A range of gelling agents available from the carrageenan family which are suitable for neutral and alkaline systems to gellan gum, useful in the production of solid gels at low temperature concentrations.
  • Odor absorbers
    Effective removal of unpleasant odors.
  • Solvents
    A range of speciality and green solvents with added benefits such as boosting fragrance release, controlled evaporation and prevention of blockages in reed stick applications.

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