Industrial Cleaning at the Dry Cleaners


Meet market trends and performance demands with our silicone softeners, surfactants, dispersants, fragrances and polymeric colors. We offer innovative ingredients for optimal sanitation in low-temperature washing, concentrated laundry liquids and biodegradable phosphate-free chelating agents. For fabric care we can deliver fragrances with long-lasting release enhanced with vibrant, non-staining  polymeric colourants.

  • Anti-foams
    Silicone anti-foams suit a wide range of applications and product types. Powders, compounds, and emulsions are available, which offer solutions for powder formulations and dilutable or non-dilutable liquids. Non-silicone anti-foams can also be supplied.
  • Anti-redeposition/Anti-greying
  • Chelating agents
  • Cleaning
    A broad range of specialty and commodity surfactants, from eco-friendly surfactants to specialty high-performance cleaning. We offer a broad spectrum of wetting, degreasing, low and high foaming properties.
  • Colorants
  • Disintegrants
  • Fabric softeners
  • Antistatic agents, antiwrinkle additives, easy iron and silicone functionality.
  • Sanitization and odor control
  • Surfactants
    Foam boosting/stabilizing, pearlescents and rheology modifiers.
  • Thickeners and rheology modifiers
    We offer one of the most extensive ranges of rheology modifiers on the market and a choice of almost every application. We can help with extreme pH ranges, gels, sprayability and more.

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