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Our automatic dishwash additives include sequesterants and chelants, cationic rinse aids, glass corrosion inhibitors and dissolution aids. We also offer emollients, mild and gentle foam enhancers, stabilisers and wetting agents for hand dishwash.

  • Anti-microbials, biocides and preservatives
  • Chelating agents
    Azelis has a varied range of chelating agents which boost the cleaning efficiency of many dishwash formulations.
  • Pearlescent agents
  • Polymers
  • Salt
    We offer a range of salts in Azelis. In dishwash we have pure refined granular salt that prevents limescale from building up, aids rinse aid performance and can be used to thicken.
  • Surface protection
  • Azelis has anti-corrosion agents that reduce ion-exchange, a common issue in glass aging. There are grades available that are biodegradable & DID listed – especially helpful if trying to create phosphate-free formulations.
  • Surfactants and rinse aids
    Low-foam surfactants and thickeners that give shear-thinning properties in rinse aids, hydrotropic surfactants giving good wetting and coco-glucosides that are mild but boost foam, and viscosity builders/stabilizers. Azelis has a number of products that can meet your formulation requirements.
  • Tableting
    Our specialty silicates give improved dissolution and reduced deposition together with low-temperature performance. We also have powdered chelants that give anti-corrosion protection to glass.

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