Industrial Cleaning at the Dry Cleaners


We offer an extensive range of products for autocare applications – from silicones to thickeners, waxes to chelants and solvents to emulsifiers. In addition, we have the technical knowledge to help solve your problems and the innovation to make your product stand out in the market.

  • Cleaning actives
    A broad range of specialty ingredients for optimum cleaning performance. We have high-foaming surfactants for car shampoos and acid-stable surfactants for wheel cleaners. There are novel solvents for tar removers, biodegradable chelating agents for traffic film removers and multi-functional chemistries for rinse aids and anti-corrosion.
  • Interiors
    An interesting range of additives for interior formulations such as specialty solvents for air fresheners to various waxes and emulsifiers for dashboard dressings and leather protection products together with silicone surfactants for glass polishes.
  • Polish and protection
    We have a wide range of specialty ingredients for polish & sealant applications. Silicone fluids & emulsions for high gloss, improved water-beading and durability, montan waxes for paste polishes. We also have long-term paint protection chemistries to give scratch & chemical resistance.
  • Wheels and tires
    We have specialist products for wheels and tire care, a strong portfolio of silicones to give durability and deep color, cold-process emulsifiers for good gels and rheology modifiers for sprayability, biodegradable chelants and non-staining colors that are stable at pH extreme.

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