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Air and gas

Based on the principle of adsorption, activated carbons are widely used in various industrial applications to reduce the environmental impact of the industrial activity through air and gas treatment.

Available in extruded, granular or powdered form, Azelis offers high quality activated carbons as a solution to many environmental challenges such as:

  • Odour control (removal of mercaptans, amines etc…)
  • Removal of H2S, BTX, NOx and VOC
  • Removal of SO2, HCl and other acid gases
  • Flue gas cleaning at waste incineration plants
  • Removal of dioxins, furans and heavy metals (i.e. mercury)
  • Purification of process gases
  • Bio gas treatment

Produced by steam or chemical activation and made of various raw materials, activated carbons provided by Azelis cater to specific needs of the chemical, soil remediation, food, biogas and pharmaceutical industries. Raw materials used to produce activated carbons include:

  • Coal
  • Lignite
  • Wood
  • Coconut shell
  • Fruit stones (e.g. olive core)
  • Peat
  • Polymers
  • Others raw materials

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