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High purity rare earths, rare metals and derivatives

Applications in fiber optics, magnets, lasers, phosphors, materials.

  • Cerium metal Ce 3N
  • 5N2Cerium oxide CeO
  • Dysprosium metal Dy 3N5 low oxygen
  • Erbium metal Er 3N
  • Erbium chloride hexahydrate 5N
  • Europium metal Eu 4N
  • Gadolinium metal Gd 3N
  • 4N2Hafnium oxide HfO
  • Holmium metal Ho 3N
  • Lanthanum metal La 3N
  • 5N3O2Lanthanum oxide La
  • Lutetium metal Lu 3N
  • Neodymium metal Nd 3N
  • Praseodymium metal Pr 3N
  • Samarium metal Sm 3N
  • Scandium metal Sc 3N
  • Tantalum metal Ta 4N
  • Terbium metal Tb 3N5
  • Thulium metal Tm 4N
  • Ytterbium metal Yb 3N
  • Ytterbium chloride hexahydrate 5N
  • Yttrium metal Y 3N

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