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Red phosphorous 7N MBE

MBE grade phosphorous in ingot form.

System crucibleDimensionsWeight (grams)
ADDON 350cc42Ø x 130266
ADDON 350cc35Ø x 120237
ADDON 2500cc5 x (42Ø x 130)1330
EPI, III 500cc73.6Ø x 100774
EPI 500cc65Ø x 140705
Epi 500cc65Ø x 70352
Riber 250 KPC42Øx 130266
Riber 250 KPC35Ø x 120237
EPI, IV, 400cc/Riber04020Ø x 8239
EPI, IV, 500cc18Ø x 10037
Miscellanous formDimensionsWeight (grams)

Other forms and sizes available on request.

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