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Antimony MBE

Antimony MBE 7N5 
Antimony MBE 7N*(Sb)

Special attention is paid during the packaging process to protect the MBE grade antimony from any contact with oxygen and moisture. The metal is cast and then packed under vacuum in either a polyethylene film (and then placed in an aluminium foil composite bag).


System crucible

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (grams)

ADDON 200cc/full chrg

2 x (20Ø x 175)


ADDON 200cc/full chrg

3 x (20Ø x 116)


ADDON 200cc/1/2 chrg

1 x (20Ø x 175)


ADDON 200cc/1/2 chrg

1 x (20Ø x 116)


Riber S.A ABN135

18-20Ø x 88L

EPI Varian 40cc15-20Ø x 140L215
EPI Varian 60cc11-36Ø x 82L188
VG Semicon 40cc15-20Ø x 120L182
VG Semicon 70cc8-42Ø x 105L360
EPI 200cc10Ø x 100L50
EPI 200cc8Ø x 65L22
EPI 125cc32 x 80L411


Miscellaneous forms

Dimensions (mm)

Weight (grams)

7N shot

7Ø x 3t

6N5 shot7Ø x 3t1

Vacuum packed 100 and 500 gram jars.
6N5 shaped charge available on request.
* 6N also available

Antimony trioxide Sb2O3 5N dopant 
Available in a 100 g pack.

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