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Manganese 5N8 MBE

Ultrapure manganese 25Mn54,936(m5N8; t5N7)*

Used for MBE and other semiconductor technologies.

New method of purification is particularly effective for removal of oxygen, carbon and sulfur.

Results of analyses by the atomic absorption spectroscopy and the spark source mass spectrometry (in ppm):

Li < 0.05Na < 0.03P < 0.1Ca < 0.08Cu < 0.2
B < 0.01Mg < 0.06S < 0.07Cr < 0.08Zn < 0.2
C < 0.1Al ≈ 0.5Cl < 0.1Fe < 0.5 
F < 0.1Si ≈ 0.8K < 0.08Ni < 0.1 
  • Pieces 10mm and smaller.
  • Ingots: Φ= 6, Φ = 10, Φ = 12.5, Φ = 15, Φ = 17, Φ = 20mm and 20 -30 ± 5mm length.

Note: density of Mn is  7.4g/cm3

Delivery time for all products: 4-6 weeks.
Note: a number of pieces( 
 50 -100g) are always in store, ready to dispatch immediately.

All products are vacuum packed in glass ampoules to prevent oxidation.

*The prefix "m" indicates purity with respect to the metallic content only; the prefix "t" indicates purity with respect to all contaminants. "N" signifies a number of "9's".

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