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Mercury 7N

We supply high-purity mercury (99.99999%) in sealed ampoules, a grade supplied to industries requiring ultra-pure materials, chiefly in the microelectronics and optronics sector for the production of semiconductors (infrared photodetection, HgCdTe).

Manufactured ampoules

This high-purity mercury is of the quality required for the production of monocrystals and epitaxiy layers such as double cadmium-mercury tellurides.

Grade of mercury



Min. 99.99999%

1 to 1600g
sealed ampoules

(epitaxy) Optronics

7N mercury is produced by hexadistillation using a special reactor. This very high-purity material is designed for the production of mercury-cadmium-telluride (MCT) monocrystals. Grade 7N electronic mercury is always packed in sealed glass ampoules; this specially produced form of packaging is done on request for a unit capacity of 1 to 1600 grams.

The guaranteed purity is at least 99.99999% (7N); the detection of impurities depends on the analytical sensitivity applicable to this material.

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