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Arsenic MBE

See the Metallic Arsenic Rod Size List for popular MBE machines.

Crucible nameFurukawa standard size 
(diameter x length, mm)
Weight (g)Product code 7N5
ADDON 700cc65 x 1302220A8EP14S
Varian GEN II 40cc15/20 x 135165A8V40F
Varian GEN II 125cc32 x 100405A8V25F
Varian GEN II 125cc50 x 100990A8EP5L
Varian 200CC Cracker36 x 170895A8V20F
Riber 125L15/18 x 8895A8R25F
Riber 135L18/22 x 88145A8R35F
Riber ABN 1150 (A)74/93 x 1955065A8R1150 (A)
Riber Arsenic Cracker 1/2 Chrg.100 x 1204625A8RC125
Riber VAC 2000 as Cracker 1/2 Chrg.100 x 1204625A8R1123
Riber VAC 2000 as Cracker 1/2 Chrg.100 x 1204625A8R1121
Riber VAC 2000 as Cracker 1/2 Chrg.100 x 1003900A8R2100
VG Semicon 150cc19/29/33 x 152540A8VG15
VG Semicon 150cc48 x 2702510A8VG500
EPI 225 Nozzle Crucible10 x 10040A8145F
EPI 200 V Cracker (CV)39 x 135 WITH HOLE735A8E200
EPI 500VC Full Chrg. (CV)65 x 130 WITH HOLE2100A8EP14
EPI 500VC Full Charge (SV)65 x 1302220A8EP14S
EPI 500VC 1/2 Chrg. (CV)65 x 60 WITH HOLE900A8EP06
EPI 500VC Full Chrg. (SV)65 x 1302220A8EP38S
EPI 500VM Full Chrg. (SV)65 x 1302220A8EP30S
EPI 500VC 1/2 Chrg. (SV)65 x 701150A8EP07S
EPI 500VC 1/2 Chrg. (SV)65 x 55875A8EP05S
EPI 500VC 1/2 Chrg.110 x 1004610A8E11105
EPI 2000VC110 x 1808950A8EP2000

CV = Central valve (with through hole)
SV = Side valve (without through hole)
Specification tolerances: Diameter ±1mm, length +0mm


Furukawa produces a large range of high purity arsenic ingots (up to 9 kg) for use in molecular beam epitaxy.

Custom made sizes and ingots for Perkin/Elmer/Ulvac/Anelva/Eaton machines are available on request.

Arsenic chunks 4-20 mm bottle or ampoule on request.

Delivery within 1 month max (except over 1 kg).

Analysis certificate supplied with each delivery.

Complete this form for a quotation on your chosen product or to receive further information or datasheet (if available).

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