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Protein hydrolysates and peptones

Our protein hydrolysates and extracts have achieved a well-earned reputation as high quality microbiological media ingredients. Substantial savings can often be realised by purchasing in bulk.

  • Pancreatic digests of casein
  • Tryptic digest of casein/tryptone
  • Acid digest of casein
  • Acid digest of casein - low salt
  • Casamino acids
  • Lactalbumin-whey hydrolysates
  • Gelatin peptones
  • Soy peptones
  • Peptone bacteriological
  • Meat peptones - peptic/porcine
  • Meat peptones - pancreatic/bovine
  • Pork heart digest
  • Tryptose
  • Proteose peptone
  • Fish peptones
  • Yeast extracts - bakers/brewers

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