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Food salt

Azelis has a comprehensive range of salts for food applications, providing the right taste components and preservative properties for all kinds of food manufacturing.

Salt is an essential component of human nutrition and definitely the most important spice in foods. Not only does it give a pleasant taste, but it also extends durability, ensuring food safety. Today we use salt to preserve foods, to intensify the taste of other spices, to soften bitter or sour taste, or to harmonise the overall taste of a food or beverage.

Our product range includes three major types of salt with various grain sizes according to the application.

Salt is available in bulk, IBC’s, bags and retail packs.

Other specialties are also available such as low sodium salt, nitrite pickling salt, iodized salt and pretzel salt.

Retail salt

Azelis markets a range of retail salts. Salt is the most common spice in kitchens all over the world. It is an ingredient, which is used in more or less all types of food – even in ice cream.

Our product range includes all three types of retail salt, namely sea salt, vacuum salt and rock salt.

The salts are all available with and without iodine.


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