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Gallium phosphide

Single crystal ingots and wafers

Gallium phosphide is used for the manufacture of red and green diodes, among other technologies.

Crystalline structure:CubicDensity:4.18
Melting point:1480°CRefractive index:3.37
Lattice constant:5.45 A°Thermal conductivity:1.1 w/cm °C
Energy gap:2.4 e.V. 


DopantDiameterEPD cm-2Carrier concentration cm-3Mobility cm2/V.s
S/n-type50.8-76.2 mm<2 x 1051-15 x 1017
5-20 x 1017
Te/n-type50.8-76.2 mm<2 x 1051-7 x 1017100-140
Zn/p-type50.8-76.2 mm<2 x 1051-20 x 101750-80
Undoped/n-type50.8-76.2 mm<2 x 1052-5 x 1016110-160


  • Growth direction: (111) by LEC
  • Orientations: (100) and (111)
  • Lapped polished
  • Cr doping also available
  • Wafers to SEMI-A or SEMI-B standards
  • Our production facilities are ready to produce to your specifications
  • Custom epitaxy

Polycrystalline gallium phosphide also available.

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