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Indium antimonide

Single crystal wafers

For infra-red detectors

FormulaInSbCrystal structurePolygonal
Density, g/cm5.8Melting point, °C523
Lattice, constant, A°6.48Energy gap, e.v.0.17
Refractive index3.96Dielectric constant15.9


Standard specifications: N-type


DopantEPD cm-2Carrier concentration cm-3(77K)Mobility cm2/V.sec (77K)
None<2 x 1038 x 1014>6 x 105
Te<5 x 1032 ­ 3 x 1014-15>2 x 105


Standard specifications: P-type

DopantEPD cm-2Carrier concentration cm-3 (77K)
Ge<5 x 103>1 x 1013-18
Mn<5 x 103>1 x 1013-18


  • Orientations: (100) & (111) with off-orientations upon requuest
  • Surface finish: as-cut, lapped/etched or polished (1 or 2 sides)
  • Diameters: 50.8 ± 0.3 mm
  • Thickness: >= 450 microns ± 20 microns

Polycrystalline indium antimonide also available.

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